Sadye’s Mess

November 3, 2023



Sadye's Mess

Sadye's Mess

Becomes a Beautiful Mess

Sadie was no stranger to difficult things. As a teen mom she was single parenting, living in a home filled domestic violence, facing homelessness, unable to drive, and then…. That 5 letter word the we all fear: Cancer But God brought Brooke and Parent Life to step into her mess. Brooke taught her how to drive, helped her get a car, encouraged her with the love of Jesus, and gave Sadie a safe place of community and connection through Parent Life. Brooke met Sadie where she was. She took her to church, held her hand, worshipped alongside her, prayed with her, and prayed for her. Sadie has said YES to Jesus and continues to pursue Him! With the help and support of Brooke and Parent Life Sadie has received her nursing certification and hopes to begin her career as an EMT paramedic at the beginning of next year. She has had surgery and continues radiation and is looking at remission in early spring 2024! I love serving alongside faithful servants like Brooke. She does an amazing job of reaching teens exactly where they are and showing them the love of God.