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Building a New Youth Center for Campus Life

Time to Go All In

If the walls in our current facility could talk,we’re sure they’d have a lot to say. For over twenty years, countless teens have walked through the doors of our campus bringing with them their greatest fears, hopes and dreams. They’ve confided in their leaders about struggles and have found a safe place where they can be seen, heard and valued. Leaders listen intently to their stories and offer encouragement through shared experiences. Above all, every student is welcomed and can find hope amid their difficult circumstances. The space we share with our teens is sacred and we value time spent with them. Not everyone we serve is fortunate enough to have a strong family or safe place to go. Our Youth Center is a “Safe Place” for our teens. We want them to feel God’s incredible love for them as we walk alongside them and as they roam throughout our facility. Our building is starting to show its age. As more feet hit our floors, our space slowly shrinks. The current limited capacity has hindered the growth of staff and outreach ministry to students. It’s time for us to build for the future.

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New Youth Center

A new Campus Life Youth Center will be constructed on our 10-acre property on Pine Lake Road to host educational and social events to empower and equip youth in their faith journey. By alleviating the current cramped conditions, this new facility will allow for more space to accommodate large groups of students for their activities, events and offer more space for small group conversations.

This 10,000-square-foot building will feature:
• Large gathering room for Campus Life clubs and educational presentations
• Space for childcare and family-style dinners for Parent Life programs
• Two classrooms for small groups, mentor trainings and discipleship courses
• A warming kitchen
• An on-site parking lot
The current Campus Life house will continue to serve as an office space and a location for small groups of students. A new facility will provide the much-needed space to grow and continue to serve young people.

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Your one time or 3 year pledge to this $3.25 million dollar capital campaign will help us reach more teens for Christ.