Shared Services

The Shared Services team loves processing donations, managing your calendar, producing outgoing mail, doing payroll, paying bills, issuing receipts,  and tracking donor relationships. Seriously we do. And we are good at it.

Through decades of experience and a God-given passion for back office services we have developed donation processing, administrative, and bill pay systems that are replicable and cost effective.

The problem is – we are bored! We don’t have enough to do… but that is about to end, because we know that YOU AREN’T PASSIONATE ABOUT OPERATIONS… You are passionate about your mission.

  • YFC Services will work with you to create a customized package that meets your church or organization’s needs.
  • YFC Services will provide quick and accurate financial data to all of your stakeholders.
  • YFC Services will serve your donors well
  • YFC Services’ prices will not be beat anywhere—why? Because we see making you successful as our profit.

Who We Serve

Churches, Charitable Nonprofits, Ministries, Sole Practitioner Missionaries, Christian Social Services, Mission Agencies

Your organization faces an array of demanding challenges: resourcing, staffing, training, and compliance are just a few of the tasks requiring your undivided attention.  Keeping your financial ducks in a row doesn’t have to be an eternal drain on your team.

With Shared Services, the everyday management of your back office operations will be skillfully handled by an experienced and professional staff.  Your key constituents will have accurate, timely and usable financial and donor data.  Difficult decisions will be less stressful because you have the information you need and you can spend your time doing what you do best – accomplishing your mission.

What We Do

Your organization is doing great things… it is accomplishing a huge task. But you hired your team because of their passion and ability to complete the mission – not to count beans. However your financial and back office systems still need to be done with excellence if you are not to be distracted from your mission.

This is where YFC Services steps in by acting as your finance/donation processing department or your back office administrator.  In this role we handle the financial operations from the donation processing to bill pay and payroll thru to analysis and reporting on the results.  We provide peace of mind by assuming the burden of your back-office duties.  We work to save you time and money so the organization can focus on its mission.


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