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Mickle Middle School

Campus Life MS


Micah Petersen

Club Meets on Thursdays at 3:30pm

This year we are meeting for Campus Life Club once a week: Monday, after school from 3pm-5pm at Northeast Missionary Church.

Monday Clubs
Club will meet shortly after school at 3pm. We will pick students up by the 7th grade entrance of Mickle and take them to Northeast Missionary Church. There we will have snacks, play games, build community, and talk about life and faith. We aim to bring a safe and welcoming culture for all students. Club will end at 5pm and parents can pick up their kids at the church.

For students who want to be more involved
Twice a month, we have a boys and girls small group that meets on Thursdays from 6pm-8pm. The boys group, Dogs & Donuts, meets at Epic Church. The girls group, Cats & Coffee, meets at the Campus Life house. It is a time set apart to build friendships and go deeper in Bible study.