Stories of Teens to Whom YOU Have Given Life

What to Do? What to Do?

8/15/2017 in Category Campus Life

If you know students trying to decide what to be involved in at school this year, share with them this advice from a peer:

If they aren't quite convinced, here's another:

From Awkward to Awesome

8/11/2017 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Teen Parents

Setting up for Success

Back to school is here again! Is your child entering the whole new world of either middle school or high school? A time a transitions, a time of changes, it can feel... More


7/21/2017 in Category Campus Life

Another camp story:

Erik is an 8th grader. He's had a hard time with his mom. She has not been in his life very much due to some poor life choices.  As a result, Erik has felt unaccepted and... More

Nothing Beats Camp

7/17/2017 in Category Campus Life

Another camp story:

Samuel is an immigrant from a war torn country. His family fled from a hostile government a couple years ago and settled here in Lincoln. It was here that they were... More


7/7/2017 in Category Campus Life

Another camp story: 

Riley wore the coolest hat. I just had to say something. A couple back and forth's about hats, and we were down the road of Riley's life story. Riley has attended Campus... More