Stories of Teens to Whom YOU Have Given Life

WOW. Awesome move, God!

6/20/2017 in Category Campus Life

Let me tell you what God did at our church’s teen camp the first week of June. We talked about allowing the Holy Spirit to activate our lives, and WOW, did God ever meet these... More

In her own words

6/13/2017 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Teen Parents

A student who has faithfully been part of a Campus Life club since starting 6th grade at Irving Middle School recently posted the following on Facebook: 

"Can't believe it! tonite was my... More

Lessons Learned

6/6/2017 in Category Campus Life

We gave a mini year-end survey at one of our middle school clubs. These were some of the students' responses.

Meet Tyler Carter

5/31/2017 in Category Campus Life

He's our new Ministry Director.

Coming from a background in Business Administration/Management, Tyler joined the YFC team this fall as part of the Campus Life high school staff. This spring,... More

A Day in the Life of: Seth Roepke

5/25/2017 in Category Campus Life

This is a snippet from one day in the life of Seth Roepke, our Campus Life High School Director:

"So my day included many tough and heartbreaking conversations. I began the day by taking... More