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Homeless and with a Baby

Homeless and with a baby, she was living on the street. Why? When she refused to have an abortion her mom and dad sent her to live with an abusive boyfriend. After fleeing that environment… where would she find real shelter or care for herself and child? On our Spring Break trips seventeen teenagers made a decision to follow Jesus. Lost, hurting, and wounded no more, they are living in the Light! For both our young mom and these 17 new believers, Youth for Christ showed them we care with our unique love and with a special capacity to minister to them. As a result, we were able to place the homeless teen mom and baby with a loving couple. She has since accepted Christ as her Savior and actively shares her faith with other teen moms and homeless teens.

17 Teenagers

Our 17 teenagers were a portion of a larger group of Jr. Higher’s who were able to attend camp on scholarship. But those 17 directly responded to God’s call during the week and accepted Christ as their Savior. 17 young lives have been altered forever because Youth for Christ uniquely knew how to meet them and delivered the Gospel with special care, in a way a teenager could hear.

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