kyle YFC leader meets with teens in jail

We Go to Set Teens Free

September 2, 2022


kyle YFC leader meets with teens in jail

Juvenile Justice Sets Teens Free

Lancaster county youth services center

Everything about this place says permanent.

From the stone walls… to the bared windows and razor wire, there is a clear message, "no one leaves this place." It’s hard to imagine making your home in a place like this… and even harder to imagine finding hope. But that is exactly what we have been called to do, preach hope to the hopeless. When I walk through correctional facilities I don't see guards and inmates, I see those who are free and those who are not. I have never done a day in jail and yet I for the first part of my life I, like many of the kids locked away here, I was not free, I was a prisoner, a prisoner to sin and death. Everything about my life sent a clear message, "He will never change this is permanent ", and for a long time I believed that was the reality of my life. But at the lowest point of the confinement of my soul Jesus found me. When I needed Jesus most… he found me and set me free… "Oh wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death?" Its amazing that what seemed so permanent turned out to only be the first part of my story. I met the One who carries with the keys to my prison. Now I go back… back to those still without freedom and share the Good News. I go to set teens free. If you have ever been in prison you might know the joy of being released. If you have ever been in death's prison you will know the joy of the Gospel. When these kids, whom I deeply love, need Jesus the most… I’ll be there for them so that together we can proclaim… Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty! We are free at last!