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Moore Campus Life Meets on Tuesdays

This year we are doing Campus Life Club before school 3 Tuesdays a month and after school during PLC on the final Tuesday of the month.

After School Campus Life
Our after school club will meet at the Campus Life House (6401 Pine Lake Rd). We provide transportation from school to Campus Life. Meet at the heart in front of the Y after school. Once at Campus Life, we have a snack, play a fun game, transition to conversation about life and how faith can help us navigate the best and worst of times. To close, we then gather into smaller groups for further relationship building and discussion.

PLC Campus Life Days
On PLC days we provide an opportunity to bring students to an offsite location (Campus Life Youth Center 6401 Pine Lake Rd). We have students meet us by the Heart by the Y and then safely transport them, with the help of a professional bus driver. PLC Days we have programming that runs until 5 p.m. when parents can pick up their child(ren). During a PLC day we engage the students with games, provide snacks, lead a big group discussion, break into small groups, and have some hang out time as well.

Any student is welcome to join us whenever they can. There is no sign up or commitment for PLC Days, morning Campus Life, or special events.

For Students Who Want to be More Involved:

“Cats and Coffee” Girl’s small group
● Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 6-8pm at the Campus Life House (6401 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln). We make frappuccino’s, play games, and have a Bible Study! It’s a blast and a GREAT way to grow in faith!
“Dogs and Donuts” Boy’s small group
● Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 6-8pm at Epic Church (6601 S 70th, Lincoln). We have donuts, play games, and have a Bible Study! This small group will encourage growth in faith within a great masculine community!

Links to Events and Activities

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