You are at the top of that list.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Happy New Year!

A normal Sunday night this fall Beth TeKolste was leading Campus Life club with the Norris high schoolers. For some reason the students were so alert and attentive, which was not the norm. Beth felt God prompt her: “Keep going, share ME.” So Beth took the lesson farther than planned and shared that Jesus wants to be their very best friend, but choosing their friends is just that: a choice. She shared the entire Gospel with the students and gave them an opportunity to respond. Beth prayed a confession and salvation prayer and during that prayer, four students raised their hands to accept Christ for the very first time and eight others recommitted their lives to Christ. 

It was totally a God moment! Lots of names could go on the list that those 12 high schoolers should thank for making sure they heard the Gospel message, and YOUR NAME would be at the top of the list. 

It is YOU who puts YFC leaders in place to share Christ with lost teens.  It is YOU who prays for and financially supports these students and staff.  It is YOU who invests in Kingdom purposes, allowing God’s Word to transform students. God bless you.

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