WOW. Awesome move, God!

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Let me tell you what God did at our church’s teen camp the first week of June. We talked about allowing the Holy Spirit to activate our lives, and WOW, did God ever meet these campers!

Heather, one of the campers, stood up and said she felt stuck in her faith like she wasn’t loved by God. After Heather said this, one of the counselors stood up and shared that during her devotions that morning, God had given her a picture in her mind and she started drawing. It was a picture of Jesus and a little girl.  The girl was holding a tiny bear and did not want to give it to Jesus even though He had a bigger bear for her. Heather, who has been struggling with trust issues, got really excited, ran to the front, and started flipping through things on her phone.  A couple of months ago when Heather needed uplifting, she came across this photo and saved it; the counselor had drawn a picture just like the one Heather had found. God was showing Heather that He is there and she can trust Him. Heather gave her life to Christ and was baptized at camp. 

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