Wins: JJM Style

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Juvenile Justice is a fairly new ministry with understandably closed doors to most. So what do wins look like within the detention center? I'll tell you a few:

Win = a smile from a 13-year-old who hadn't smiled at our chaplain, Eldon, for 3 weeks straight.

Win = a great club in A pod with students participating in the activies and discussion.

Win = a genuine, humble apology from an 18-year-old for what he had done.

Win = a young girl asking to be matched with a mentor.

Win = a Yazidi boy pouring over the New Testament copy he took and being very open to discussing what he's learning.

Win = a 15-year-old girl introducing her mentor to his mother.

Win = a once stubborn, arrogant "leader of the pack" accepting Christ after talking with Eldon.

Win = a boy whose been to court multiple times now sees his mentor in the courtroom at his sentencing.

Win = the guards noticing the hope in students' eyes when they see JJM staff.

Win = a lively discussion during a Monday evening Bible study.

Win = the letter Eldon received from a girl now at a facility in Kearney, thanking him for showing her Jesus.

Juvenile Justice reaches a specific youth population who traditionally has very little specialized support for their situation. JJM offers this support with a chaplain who is on the campus every day, a faith-based club and Bible studies weekly, and a Christ-centered mentoring program. 

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