Wins: Campus Life style

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

This is what wins look like at Campus Life:

Win = a boy randomly starts talking to a Campus Life leader in the parking lot before club and comes to club the next week.

Win = a 6th grader brings her friends to the VMA filming times and event.

Win = a typically unfriendly custodian compliments our staff on a job well done at the end of the year.

Win = a  high schooler initiates a meeting to ask questions about Jesus with her leader.

Win = 12 students accept Christ at an Easter club. 

Win = an 8th grader asks his Campus Life leader to pray with him about going into high school.

Win = our staff take a 10th grader to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Win = a 12th grader recommits his life to Christ on ski trip. 

Win = a parent emails thanking us for the fun, safe all-nighter event that daughter couldn't stop talking about. 

Win = a club's volunteer team sees God's answers to their pre-club prayers. 

The list can go on and on. God works and moves through so many channels in this ministry, from what seems like the smallest introduction at a sporting event to the expansive response after an invitation to receive Jesus and everything in between and after. 

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