Wins: Parent Life style

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Ministry is a compilation of wins, small and big. This is what wins look like at Parent LIfe:

Win = a young mom, scared and alone, gets the courage to try out Parent Life one time, and then she comes back the next week.

Win = a pregnant teen gets out of an unhealthy relationship.

Win = a pregnant teen chooses life for her baby instead of an abortion.

Win = a teen mom of an eight-month-old graduates early and starts college to become a doctor.

Win = a teen dad joins our dad's Bible study and begins to learn his role as a father.

Win = a teen parent hears the Gospel for the first time and accepts Jesus as his Savior!

Win = a young couple decides to get married and requests the Gospel be shared at the ceremony so their family and friends will hear of Jesus' saving grace.

By God's power, we've celebrated all these wins, and so many more, with the students who are connected to Parent Life.

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