Why does contentment seem so far off?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

God is the blessed controller of all things, the king over all kings, the master over all masters.
I Tim. 6:15, PH

This has become my verse for the year. I've found extreme conviction and encouragement through Linda Dillow's insights in Calm My Anxious Heart. Dillow served with her husband as a missionary overseas for years. I can relate to her tendency to try to "help God out." She writes, "God doesn't need our help. Yet when I stepped in to massage (the truer word is manipulate, but massage sounds better!) the circumstances or to organize the people, my actions were saying 'God you're not doing what I think needs to be done, so I'll help you out.' It's our 'helping God out' that leads to an anxious heart" (pg. #). Why does peace and contentment seem so far off? Because I try to control that which is not for me to control. God is the blessed controller of all things...I choose to believe and act in that truth this year. Do you want to join me?


Laura Ottley, Campus Life and Communications staff

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