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Why did God think it worthwhile? 

Because it was the only way to get His beloved back. The ones He loved had walked away from Him so He walked into their world -- into OUR world -- to get us back. 

What are we doing here at YFC in light of this truth? 

We're following the lead of Jesus -- walking into students' worlds to share with them that Jesus walked into their world to get them back. To get them back from depression, to get them back from hopelessness, to get them back from pornography, to get them back from popularity contests, to get them back from anger, to get them back from everything that seeks to destroy them in this world. 

Jesus, God in the flesh, came to earth to get each one of us back. That is what we share with Lincoln's, Waverly's, and Norris' students every day. To Jesus, rescuing them was worth more than all the poverty and disgrace He ever suffered while accomplishing His mission. 

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