When you give to Parent Life, you give to mentoring teen parents.

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Your mom is in prison. Your dad is not great. You're living with a family friend. You've had no upbringing in Jesus. You're fifteen and pregnant. What would you do? 

Wonderfully, Maggie googled 'resources for teen parents' and showed up at Parent Life. Our Parent Life staff and volunteers welcomed Maggie and immediately began mentoring this young, wounded mom. With the support of Parent Life, Maggie has chosen to keep the baby and is making progress toward becoming a responsible parent. Maggie has gotten a full-time job and her driver's license. She's trying to get emancipated. She's doing schooling on-line. Best of all, she keeps showing up to Parent Life and her one-on-one appointments with Annie Rohde, one of our Parent Life staff. We are praying that Maggie's understanding of Jesus deepens so she's ready to make a decision for Jesus, and we are hoping to get her to YFCamp this summer. Join us in helping this young mom.

Give to Parent Life, give to supporting Maggie. Increase your impact with the matching gift opportunity through Give to Lincoln Day. 

We are there to help Maggie. Would you be there to help us? Give online here.

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