Posted on by YFC Lincoln

For Halloween we hosted a costume party at our house for the Youth for Christ staff. It was a fun night of games and connection . . .  however there was a time that night where I stepped back and felt the burden of the 19 staff members . . . 19 staff who are out there every week walking the halls of schools, developing relationships with students to share the Good News with them. One of my primary responsibilities is to make sure that we receive the $690,000 necessary to pay them all, and that is a big burden to carry – but God has gone before us and continues to provide.

I also had a great moment when I stepped back and rejoiced. As I looked around the room I saw many of our staff (Hannah, Shelby, Trey, Chelsea, just to name a few) who had become believers through Campus Life! How exciting to see that God uses this ministry to truly reach lost kids and to call them into a regenerate life in Christ where now they go out and share Christ with others!

  • Pray that God will provide $250,000 in November and December to mobilize our staff.
  • Ask God to continue to prepare hearts to hear His Good News.
  • Pray that God would continue to encourage Kristin and I as we serve as the leaders of this team.

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