We were there.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

We were there

when she found out she was pregnant
when she became estranged from her family
when she lived with her child in the shelter
when she broke up with her boyfriend
when she started a new relationship
when she started taking college classes
when she needed a ride to the doctor for her child
when she considered adoption
when she considered abortion
when she needed to talk
when she needed to cry  
when she needed help parenting
when she had no hope for her future
when she wanted to celebrate
when she decided to take charge of her future
when she was ready to talk about Jesus
when she was ready to accept unconditional love, acceptance, and glory
when she was in labor, alone, and nobody knew. We knew.  

Parent Life was there. And we knew.  
Because of you.  

We are better together. 

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