We Are About Relationships

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

We are a relational ministry. We aren't a club ministry or a program. We provide relationships that point kids to Christ. So we celebrate stories of individual kids whose lives are impacted by Jesus through Campus Life, Parent Life, and Juvenile Justice Ministries.

One of those kids is Makayla. She is starting her 8th grade year. Hopefully, this year will not hold the heartache of the last. Last year, Makayla walked in on her mom after her mom attempted suicide. Makayla was the only one there to call 911 and the only one there to take care of her siblings in the chaos of that moment. Makayla is one of our Campus Life students. She has met regularly with her Campus Life leader. This spring, Makayla went on our Minnesota Trip and learned of God's power, protection, and healing in the hardest situations we face. Makayla was surrounded by God's love the entire week. Though she had a hard time grasping God and His goodness, Makayla stepped out in faith and decided to say yes to Jesus! Makayla gets to start this school year with the blessed assurance that Jesus is hers and with the continued support of her Campus Life leader and friends. 

--Matt Schulte, YFC Executive Director

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