Warning: This Blog Post Contains Crude Language

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

This language is not just what students hear every day, but what they are called, labeled as 6th, 7th, 8th grade kids: “Worthless.” “Ugly mean b****.” “Gay, fag, retarded, stupid, dumb, the list can go on…”

During Campus Life clubs this fall, students wrote on mirrors the negative messages they hear, the names they’re called that tear them down. Some of the words students wrote were so offensive we couldn’t post the pictures of the mirrors on social media, and I didn’t write them here. The descriptions I’ve included are mild by comparison.

By the end of those Campus Life clubs, we were speaking God’s labels over the students, replacing those lies with God’s truth: “You are treasured.” “You are created with purpose.” “You are wonderfully made.”

What a responsibility we have to speak God’s truth over these lies, what a high calling that you are a part of as you support Campus Life. You are calling out the false labels as not true; not you, Julia, you are not what they say. Not you, Devon, you are not hated.

Campus Life is the only place where some of these students hear God’s truth. Would you give a year-end donation so that these students — Julia, Devon, so many more — can hear Jesus’ words at Campus Life? You and I, we must do this together. We must continue to faithfully be in the school every week, faithfully remind these kids who they were made to be.

You and I together can let the voice of Jesus be louder than all the other voices. “You are wanted.” “You are loved.” “You are so much more than what the voices around you are saying.” Please carry on with us in this mission by giving a year-end gift today.

Speaking the truth of Jesus until all have heard,

Matt, Tyler, Nathan, Adam, Josh, Anthony, Beth, Shannon, Trenton, Tim, Eldon, Tiffany, Annie, Laura, Emily, Kristen, Mary, Tyler, and Ethan

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