Tyler’s Story

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Tyler is a sophomore in Lincoln.  Near the end of the school year he began to show interest in spiritual things and started attending a Bible study lead by a volunteer, Kevin.  Through that study he started asking deep questions and attending a Campus Life club where he engaged with our staff, Jason. Jason and Tyler had lunch a few times engaging in good conversations about life and God.

 One evening a student leader, Seth, offered to give him a ride home. The 10 minute ride home became an hour and a half long conversation about God. From their conversation Tyler decided to attend summer camp with Seth and Jason. It was at that camp that Tyler decided to become a Christ-follower!

     God directly used Kevin, Jason, and Seth to draw Tyler into a relationship with Himself.

God’s Story:

Dennis is a salesman in Lincoln. In February he decided to make a gift to Campus Life to reach lost kids. His gift was used to train volunteers (like Kevin), to buy lunch for student appointments (like Jason’s), and to develop curriculum for student leaders (like Seth) who all play integral roles in reaching lost kids (like Tyler).

 Dennis knew that he was not in a place to personally bring the Good News to lost, hurting students in Lincoln. But he knew that God would use his financial gift to deliver the Good News. And He did! 

God directly used Dennis to draw Tyler into a relationship with Himself.

 Your Story:

Just like God used Dennis, Kevin, Jason, and Seth to reach Tyler, God will use your faithful gift to reach lost, hurting kids this school year.

 Thank you. God will use your gift to draw students into relationship with Himself.

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