Trips Make a Difference; Minnesota Trip is Happening Right Now!

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Nicole sat in the back of the van, riding to ski trip with people she didn't know. Nicole was quiet; she never started conversation with any other kids, just sat in the back of the van with her headset in the whole way there. The next day in the ski lodge Nicole hung out with staff and a few students was a completely different person than the day before. She laughed at jokes, made jokes, and was excited to go tubing with anyone that would ride along with her.

Nicole had never come to Campus Life club at Pound before ski trip. The trip was our first interaction with each other. For every week following ski trip, Nicole has been at Campus Life club. Something is happening in Nicole's life.

Nicole and I got together one month following ski trip. She told me she wanted to be more involved in Campus Life because she feels welcomed by the leaders, and she is excited to invite her friends. But Nicole's home life is not exciting.

Nicole lives with her mom who just got evicted from their apartment. Both Nicole and her mother moved in with Nicole's grandmother. Nicole's mom works two jobs to try and save money for a place of their own. Nicole is struggling because she doesn't really know where she belongs. Her grandmother sends her to the bedroom right after school and has no relationship with her. 

When Nicole and I connected, she told me that she's 50/50 with God right now. By that, she meant that she halfway wants to trust Him but she is just at a place where lots of circumstances in life don't give her a lot of hope. Nicole is learning what hope is through Campus Life at Pound and through a relationship with me.

Nicole is currently on our Minnesota trip and she is already registered for our YFCamp in July. Nicole wants more. Nicole needs Jesus. Will you pray for Nicole as she continues to seek for Jesus? Please pray for her right now as she's on another intentional trip that will get her moment-by-moment interactions with Jesus and loves who love Him for four straight days.

And please pray for all of the other middle schoolers who are currently with our staff in Minnesota. A full bus and van are adventuring in the Twin Cities and hearing about the VICTORY we have in Jesus! They need you, your prayers, and your support.

Thank you in advance for furthering God's Kingdom alongside us! 


---Jen Olive, for all the middle school staff

Campus Life @ Pound in Minnesota!!

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