Three high school students being made new in Jesus Christ

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Amanda accepted Christ last year, but she chose not to change some influences in her life. She got back into marijuana and drinking, and this time, those choices made her really look at what is going on in her life. At camp this summer, she made a decision to be baptized and get involved in discipleship we offer through Campus Life!

Zac was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and experienced a lot of abuse from his biological parents as a child. The state finally turned Zac over to an adoption. He still struggles with a lot of depression and psychological issues, but this summer he chose to commit his life to Christ, be discipled, and help out at one of our middle school Campus Life groups!

Last year, John lost his faith in God due to a lot of life struggles his parents experienced. John chose to look into science and see if he could find the answers to the questions he has about why life is the way it is. John ended up discovering that, even if he could find an answer in science, he still wants to rely on God to show him the way to live. John now knows that Jesus can help answer all his questions even if it takes some time. 

-- Anthony Godtel, Campus Life ministry at Norris

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