The Seeds You Sowed

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

During winter, we don’t think much about seeds growing, but when it comes to the lost kids God is saving, let me tell ya, the seeds you sowed are growing in every season! 

Every time you give, you are planting a seed. God is the expert gardener. This year, God redeemed 99 young folks! That’s right. Because of your investment in YFC’s ministries, 99 kids are now celebrating Jesus as their Savior this Christmas! Hooray!!! Praise God and thank you. Hundreds of students were impacted by your financial gifts this year. We’ve shared a handful of their stories in our yearend impact book, "The Seeds You Sowed." You should have received one in the mail. If you didn't, let us know. You don't want to miss out on the awesome stories of God at work. Here’s a sneak preview:

p. 20 Marcus is caring for two young children now with Christ as Marcus’ guide.
p. 27 Cody is finally questioning his atheistic upbringing.
p. 39 James, a new believer since camp, is taking on a leadership role at Campus Life.
p. 41 Suzie finds Jesus in jail.

Take time to read what God has done through your gifts. It will uplift your spirit. We have interacted with 1,843 students of the 13,882 students in the Lincoln area. That’s over 10,000 seeds still to be planted and nurtured. Will you continue to be part of the Lord’s harvest? There is much yet to be done.

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