The Need is Big. Your Gift is Made Bigger.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

The COVID pandemic has been hard on us all. Now more than ever we need to come together. Give to Lincoln is a great way to do that!

We are advocating for the teen parents who've been hit very hard during this time. For a minute, put yourself in the shoes of a young teen mom who has always struggled to provide for her baby, and now she just lost her part-time job because of the pandemic. She is isolated and lonely. She is racking her brain trying to think of another job she could get. She is nervous about food. She is trying to keep up with school from home while caring for her child with no help.

But you can help. A gift to Parent Life goes to this teen parent and her baby. We are there for her, online and through deliveries, to help her with physical and spiritual needs during this especially hard time. 

We know the need is big. We ask for this young teen mom. Please give today.

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