The joy of the Lord all over her face.

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I don’t know if I’ve ever seen “the joy of the Lord” so clearly, as what Sammi’s face looked like as she told me her story, but now with Jesus in it! Sammi has been part of Campus Life at Mickle all through middle school. She’s a “hit-and-miss attender” and always pretty quiet at club. I never quite knew what she was thinking about things, but God definitely has been at work in her life. She just finished her 7th grade year, and it was a big one for her. As her and I talked on the last night of our year-end Minnesota trip, she told me that this year at Campus Life has been “very eye-opening” for her. She recognized her need for Jesus during our Gospel presentation/pebble exchange at club this spring and took a step toward Jesus then. Through the message and skit performed to Lifehouse’s song “Everything,” God brought more pieces together for her. Sammi clearly communicated she needed Jesus, and she wanted Jesus to save her. Visibly excited about the relationship with Jesus that she was beginning, she was all smiles. Needless to say, I was/am all smiles too!

-Laura Ottley, Mickle Campus Life


More kids like Sammi can be reached when we all play a part in reaching teens in Lincoln. You can choose to volunteer, give, or pray to support Youth for Christ’s ministries in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Campus Life, Teen Parents, and Juvenile Justice are essential ministries to reach Lincoln’s teens.

As always we try to use pseudonyms and alternate photos to protect the identities of our students.

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