The Impact of Campus Life

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Being involved in Campus Life changed my life. When the program began at Waverly my sophomore year, it was a new experience for me. I had never been a “church kid,” but I had always believed in God. However, Campus Life and everything that came along with it, including small groups and Bible studies, really sparked an interest in me to rekindle that belief and to create a stronger relationship with God. Participating in small groups, Bible studies, group trips, and weekly club activities allowed me to pursue that relationship and spend time with others who had the same beliefs as I did. I also made many lifelong friends and created amazing relationships with people that I will never forget! Looking back now I wouldn’t change a single thing about any of the experiences that Campus Life gave me because they brought me to where I am today.” -- Allen

More kids like this can be impacted when we all play a part in reaching lost teens in Lincoln. You can choose to volunteer, give, or pray to support Youth for Christ's ministries in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Campus Life, Teen Parents, and Juvenile Justice are essential ministries to reach Lincoln's teens. 

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(As always, we try to use pseudonyms and alternate photos to protect the identities of our students.)

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