Teen Parents Joins YFC

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

The times have definitely changed from being a teen parent in the early '80s to being a teen parent today to which Julie Strode, our newest Teen Parent staff member, can attest.

"As a teen parent in the early '80s, nothing was available to help me with all the bumps that were in front of me. Today, much aid is available to teen parents. There are all kinds of different organizations to help with the financial and physical needs. 

But the difference in the YFC Teen Parents program is that we help those teens with not only all the external needs, but most importantly with their spiritual need.

All those financial and spiritual needs are a must, but God is the one who has the answer beyond those needs."

This is just part of Julie's story, and God is using it again and again to help her connect with the expecting and teen parents she meets in Lincoln.

The mission of the Teen Parents ministry to walk alongside expectant and parenting teen mothers and fathers and share Jesus' love with them through each step of a daunting outlook: teen pregnancy. Currently, four out of Lincoln Public School's seven high schools have in-school day cares. Teenage pregnancy is significant issue in our culture today.

These students need support to not drop out of high school, to learn how to adjust to their situations and make healthy choices, and most importantly, to experience God's love and life-giving truth.

Our Teen Parents staff offer hope to students who desperately need it. Daily, Cara and Julie join the world of Lincoln's expecting and parenting teens. By speaking God's truth in love, Cara and Julie give Biblically-grounded support, encouragement, and advice to these at-risk teens. The spiritual need of these teens is answered through the message of Jesus.

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