Salvation was Found Sunday Night

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Have you heard what happened at Norris Campus Life? Beth TeKolste, our Norris Campus Life leader, tells it in her own words:

"Sunday Night at Club, I was not planning on sharing the Gospel. But for some reason, the students were so alert, attentive and really good (which is unusual!:). God said, keep going Beth…share ME. 

We were talking about loving others and what it means to be a friend. At the end of our lesson, God totally prompted me to take advantage of the students good behavior and to share with them that He wants to be their very best friend, but choosing our friends is a just that: a choice. 

I shared the Gospel with them and gave them an opportunity to choose Jesus as their best friend.  A confession and salvation prayer was shared, and during that prayer, four students raised their hands to accept Christ for the very first time.  Eight others recommitted their lives to Christ.  

Just WOW!  That was totally a God moment!  Hearts were open, His Spirit moved and lives were transformed.

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