Stories from Winter Retreat

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Bethany was devastated. She could no longer tumble through her floor routine or twist, flip, and fly between the uneven bars. Her injury ended gymnastics for her. Gymnastics had been her life. Now what did she have? What was her worth? Her parents were thrilled that Bethany agreed to go with the middle school Campus Life group to winter retreat. After hearing the Gospel and writing a letter to God, Bethany was thrilled too; bawling, but thrilled.

She explained to Shanna that her whole family was Christians, and it had never really felt like her choice whether or not she wanted to be one. At winter retreat was the first time she was choosing Jesus for herself. Her heart was ready to say yes to Jesus. She realized that she now had God to lean on through letting go of gymnastics and finding her worth in Jesus. 

Gianna had always been vocal at Campus Life club about not being much into the Jesus stuff. She came for the fun. But God touched her heart with His Good News at winter retreat. With tears in her eyes, Gianna wrote a front and back page letter to God, telling him all the times she'd felt alone and like no one was there for her. As she spent that time with God, she felt His presence with her. "It felt so good to know God was there for me," she told Shanna, Jill, and Ella during cabin time. 

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