So, what’s camp all about?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

In Nathan Kroll's words:

Camp is one week long and has many activities that students might otherwise never have a chance to experience. But, the most important part of camp is the nightly meetings where the students will be challenged to think about where they are at with God. These young people come with all kinds of emotional baggage and issues that they get to step away from during this week at camp. They get to have deep conversations with the staff. In small groups, they can sometimes be honest for the first time in their life because someone will listen to them without judging them. After hearing several night messages, they are given a night called "solo time" where they go off totally by themselves and think about all they have been hearing. During this time, if they're ready, they holler our "YES" which means they are ready to let God come into their lives. I have sat and listened in the darkness as so many kids are yelling "YES" and knowing that for them, it changes everything.

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