So Much Interest in Knowing about Jesus

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Over the past six weeks, I have had the pleasure of leading a small group of girls through a Bible study. We are going through a study about who Jesus is, what He accomplished, and what it means for all of us. This has been a huge growing experience for these girls and they are asking so many questions that I wish I had asked when I was their age. They are putting so much interest in knowing more about Jesus.

There is one student in particular, Megan, who has been on my heart lately. She comes from a family of divorce and there have been many struggles over the past few months in regards to her family. They have moved and her mom and stepdad are in the process of getting a divorce. However, throughout all of this, Megan has been extremely loyal to making this small group Bible study a priority and she looks forward to it every week. She is always the first one to speak up in discussion and I can tell she is very interested in learning more about Jesus and what he did for her and continues to do in her life and all of our lives. Megan has not fully accepted Jesus into her life but I know that by continuing to be involved in this Bible study, God will keep calling to her heart. 

– Brooklyn S.  

Campus Life @ Waverly

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