She reached out to Jesus that night.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

GOD IS GOOD. On April 13, I had the opportunity to flat out share the Gospel with about 40 kids. After that, and a summary of what we had been learning in past weeks, we split into girls and boys groups for discussion time. All we did was open up the floor for any and all questions concerning the Gospel. WOW—it was amazing!

One girl, in particular, had my heart that night. She and I stayed long after everyone left so we could keep talking about Jesus and how crazy He is about her. Her name is Bobbi. Oh my word, she reached out to Jesus that night. I don't know if she surrendered her life to Him, but I know He's working on her. She allowed me to pray over her and she asked if she and I could continue to meet. PRAISE THE LORD! Such an exciting and beautiful thing to be part of!!

Thanks to your continual prayers and financial support, these kinds of experiences are possible.

--Lenore Berger, Campus Life @ Northeast High School

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