She didn’t really let anyone in until He changed that.

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Truly babies raising a baby.

Zaikai and her boyfriend, Nevin, are sophomores in high school and they have a four-month-old baby boy. Zaikai attends school in Lincoln; Nevin lives in Omaha. Zaikai doesn't know where to live. Her mom just got married to a boyfriend Zaikai didn't like so Zaikai has been staying at her sister's house.

Zaikai doesn't have a home, doesn't talk about her dad, and doesn't really let anyone in, but she does now have Jesus.

Zaikai accepted Christ into her life in December!  This past Sunday, she was baptized. We were thrilled to see her take this step of obedience. Only Nevin came, no other family, but she had a large group of her Parent Life family there.

We are excited to see her come to know the One that can help her with all those things behind the wall she's built. We will be walking with Zaikai for a very long time, but we are seeing a few more smiles on her face. And when I remind her how many people love her, she answers me with a smile.


--Julie Strode, Parent Life

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