Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Let me tell you about Sammy. 

Sammy needs to be introduced to Jesus in a non-traditional, non-pressured way on her playing field. Campus Life is just that. Sammy has gotten as far as outside the gym doors on Campus Life club day. Thankfully, our Campus Life leader at Mickle Middle School, Shanna, was there greeting kids as they roamed the hall, and she noticed Sammy’s sadness. 

Sammy wiped away tears while telling Shanna that her mom is in prison, she doesn’t know who her dad is, and her aunt and uncle whom she is living with are fighting fiercely and regularly. Sammy’s scared they’re going to get a divorce. But Sammy’s first words were: “I am an atheist so don’t talk to me about God.” By the end of the conversation though, Sammy said Shanna could pray for her! Shanna saw Sammy’s heart soften toward God during that hour of caring conversation. 

Sammy needs Jesus. Sammy needs positive adults speaking truth into her life. You can give Sammy that gift! You can provide Mickle Middle School’s club expenses so that Campus Life keeps happening at Sammy’s school. You can give to Shanna’s fundraising goal so that she can continue staffing that ministry site. You can give donut money to buy Sammy’s breakfast on Thursday mornings. As Christmas draws ever near, please pray about giving a gift to Sammy this year.

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