Rwanda + Burundi

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

On August 1st I will be traveling to Rwanda and Burundi with a leadership team from YFC USA.... as you may remember this trip was supposed to happen last summer but was postponed due to the famine in Eastern Africa.

Guy LeCompte (YFC's director of short term trips), Paul Nurmi (YFC director of international partnerships), and I will be traveling to Rwanda and Burundi to:

  • Encourage the national leaders
  • Learn from and about their work
  • Assess the opportunity for short term trips and international partnership

Clearly I am looking forward to this trip... after having worked in international missions settings for 8 years and not doing so anymore, I look forward to this opportunity to get overseas. But I have never flown this far... 2 separate 8 hour flights just to get there!

So I am a bit nervous about the travel, but anxious to see God's work and join him in it however we can.

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