Pie in the face at Ashland was not just pie.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Another week in the books at Campus Life at Ashland.  We increased from 11 to 19 middle schoolers! It is so exciting to see students coming to Campus Life and participating in spiritual conversations.

Tim Maas, our Campus Life at Ashland leader, made a deal that the two students to bring the most friends would be able to pie him in the face. Holding true to his promise, he also worked in the day's lesson about mistakes. He heaped on skittles, M&M's, glitter, sprinkles, more whip topping in various colors, and other toppings. Each topping had a mistake or a sin attached to the box or container. We began a discussion about how mistakes build up in our lives. Sometimes after one mistake, we feel the need to hide it with lies or pile on more and more choices to try and make it look better, but it only makes it worse.

Eventually, Tim had multiple layers of cream, candy, and toppings all over. As you can see, it was a big mess. Then, we started to wash the mess off with water. The symbolism of the water being the blood of Christ washing away our mistakes and sins was not lost on the kids. As some toppings left stains, Tim pointed out that all choices have consequences and we will remember what we did, but we are not defined by those mistakes. Thankfully the blood of Jesus washes all sins away and helps us to move forward. 

What a great Monday afternoon we had at club. Thank you for making these conversations about Jesus' atoning blood possible. 

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