One life changed now changing others.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

After our Campus Life high school ski trip one of our senior guys, Cameron, was passionate about starting a small group Bible study with the guys from his room.  He talked to his room leader and I about it and decided to go for it.  For five weeks now about nine guys show up faithfully to my house every Wednesday night.  My volunteer Brett and I facilitate a video-guided study, but Cameron is leading the group!  Every week nine high school boys open their Bibles, something most of them have NEVER done before, and discuss what they're learning.  It's incredible to witness this every week.  Cameron faithfully texts the group each week to remind them about the study, and faithfully, they come.  Some have even skipped sports practices that were scheduled late and team hang out nights because they don't want to miss Bible study!  Seriously incredible!  The work God is doing in these boys' lives is amazing.  After week two, one of the boys shared with us that he had started reading Genesis.   Cameron's life was changed by Christ through Campus Life. Now through Cameron, God is changing the lives of his peers!

Cara Lacey, Waverly Campus Life

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