Not Good Enough

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

At our last See the Story luncheon, our JJM chaplain, Eldon Dietrich, shared about Sandy, a girl who told him, "I don't feel like I'm good enough to read the Bible." 

At 15 years of age, Sandy has a meth problem, which landed her in jail. The heaviness of her choices and the lies of Satan were telling her she's not good enough to even read about Jesus, the One who came to rescue her. 

Eldon was encouraged a few days later when Sandy asked to meet with a JJM mentor. Sadly, we didn't have a female mentor available to meet with Sandy.

Our JJM ministry needs more mentors. Sandy, and other kids like her, are desperate for hope. Many need a safe adult to lead them to the living water that Jesus offers. 

Would you or someone you know be willing to learn more about being a mentor for teens in jail? They're just kids who need to be heard, need to be loved, need to be directed to Jesus. If you're interested at all, please contact our JJM chaplain, Eldon Dietrich, for more information. 

Email: [email protected]

Call: (402) 420-7475 & ask for Eldon

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