Nick Knows Christ!

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Sharing only one student’s story is hard to do because God works through chain reaction; one life is changed, then that person changes another’s life, and the impact continues. This is Nick’s story, but Seth’s story is closely intertwined. Seth is currently in his second year of working with Campus Life. Nick is currently a senior at Lincoln High School.  Nick fits the stereotypical lost, lonely, socially awkward teenager. He has a rough relationship with his dad. On various levels, he’s a friendly mess. We’ll start Nick’s story two years ago, when he was a sophomore and Seth was a senior at Lincoln High. Thankfully [God-willed that], the two had a class together.

Pottery provided the first interactions between Nick and Seth when Nick was a lost sophomore and Seth, a new believer, was embracing Campus Life’s mission his senior year at Lincoln High. On staff with Campus Life the next year, Seth faithfully talked with Nick every week at lunch. Nick never really showed interest in Campus Life. Surprisingly, he showed up at the last Campus Life club of the year, at which, the Gospel was clearly shared.

This summer, Nick was all over the radar in his involvement with Campus Life. He did invite Seth to his birthday party, and Seth went. Aside from Nick’s family, not many others attended Nick’s birthday party. It made a big impact that Seth was there. At the end of July, Nick attended our high school’s camp. At camp, Nick made the commitment to follow Jesus. Though Nick was pretty open during the small groups discussions throughout camp, Seth and the other leaders didn’t know of anything big going on in Nick’s heart. Little did they know – God transforming Nick’s heart. The last day of camp, the Gospel was shared through the story of the prodigal son. When the group was asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior, Nick said yes. He was committed.

Nick became very interested in meeting with Seth to talk about walking in relationship with Jesus. Nick started regularly attending Heartlands church with Seth and another staff member, Jason. Soon after, Nick started talking about wanting to be baptized, and he was serious. On September 16, Jason and Seth had the privilege to baptize Nick at Heartlands church. The church family embraced Nick fully as they heard his story, which was an amazing experience for all. Nick is growing significantly. He loves Jesus and he loves Campus Life.


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