New Life

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

I love spring! Spring is that time of year when the last bits of salt-filled, sandy snow melts away and allows new life to come. Grass, flowers, and trees begin to come back to life and radiate their beauty to the world. I love spring, not just because of the new life seen in the natural world, but also because of its reminder . . .  a reminder that through the muck of life, Christ offers new hope!! 

He offers a new life for each one of us. At a recent Southeast High School event students were presented with this opportunity for new life in Christ. During that week 5 students decided to commit their lives to Christ.
But the story doesn’t stop there. They not only committed their lives to Christ, but also made a commitment, through a Dare2Share event, to reach out to others. In the process they met a street wanderer and began sharing the hope of Christ with him. Through a conversation with their Campus Life Leader, Chuck, they found out the man had set out with the intent of jumping off a bridge. But God intervened through the lives of these new young believers!
Rejoice with us as, together, we celebrate the rejuvenation of the earth this spring and the new life these students found in Christ and offered to a stranger on the street.

Prayer Requests:

  • Faith – Pray that God would strengthen the faith of the new believers at Southeast High School.
  • Wisdom – Pray with our staff as, together, we explore new and expanded opportunities to reach students for Christ.
  • New Life – Join us as we praise God for the new life that Jesus gives, represented by the spring dawning of nature’s new life.
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