Meghan’s Story from Seth’s Perspective

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

I met Meghan three years ago at a Pizza Ranch Fundraiser we were hosting to help raise money for kids to go to YFCamp.

She was a student working her way to camp. At camp that same year, Meghan dedicated her life to Christ.  I remember the moment very vividly. Meghan walked through the door of the main meeting hall at camp; I was some distance away, yet I could see the smile on her face from ear to ear!  She took one step and then ran.  She was running straight toward me, so fast I was kind of scared she wasn’t going to be able to stop.  As she got close she yelled the words, “I SAID YES”!  She threw her arms out wide and lunged at me with a big hug!  She had found something she had been searching for for so long and all she could udder were the words “I am so happy right now!” Since that moment at camp, this has been Meghan’s story.  She has thrown herself into the water just like Peter did and she has begun to swim full speed toward Jesus!

Meghan is now interning with us at Campus Life @ Lux and I could write another ten pages telling you of the ways God is using Meghan in the lives of others. Meghan’s story would not have happened without YOU!  Her story began with people giving money so she could go to YFCamp.  I was able to witness, and am still witnessing, God transform her life because you gave financially.  Meghan is forever changed, eternal saved because you gave. We are better together! 

—Seth Roepke, Campus Life

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