Meet Tyler Carter

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

He's our new Ministry Director.

Coming from a background in Business Administration/Management, Tyler joined the YFC team this fall as part of the Campus Life high school staff. This spring, Tyler moved into the new position of Ministry Director. “Tyler’s experience leading large teams of millennials is a skill that will help us continue to grow our ability to reach kids. I am excited to have Tyler help lead our team of 25 staff,” said Matt Schulte, our Executive Director. 

Tyler feels strongly about combating lies and false paradigms with truth and grace. When asked why he chose to move from a business job to a ministry job, Carter said, “Ultimately, I want to join the team because I feel like our society has bought a bag of lies over the last 75 years. Each generation, our families are disintegrating at a more rapid pace. The generation of youth today, are more confused than ever. Many kids don't know they are loved and have value. God chose people like you and I to be His hands and feet, breaking the boundaries of these societal norms today, and introducing anyone who is willing to listen to the Master, Jesus Christ." We are excited to have Tyler's passion and leadership on this great mission. 

Tyler and his wife, Karen, have three children, Annalyse, Ryan, and Josiah (in order with the picture). As a family, they like to travel, visiting places of vintage Americana. Tyler also enjoys fishing and hunting. 

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