Meet Taylor and Trevor

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Meet Taylor and Trevor, both 17 years old. This year they had a baby. When you listen to them talk about little Trevor, Jr., there is no doubt that they deeply love and care about him. But, at the age of 17, it’s pretty hard to begin parenting and balance school and work. Adding a baby to the mix is no small task.

Recently, Taylor and Trevor began attending Teen Parents, hoping to find some support and help. When kids like Taylor and Trevor get involved with Teen Parents they are connected with mentors, provided a program to help them become better parents, and become involved in a Bible study to learn about God and grow in their faith.

“Kyle, who is a volunteer at Teen Parents, helps a lot… ‘cuz he was a teen parent too. He knows what we go through. It’s good to have people that have been there giving you advice." -- Trevor.

“Growing up I knew that God was there, but I let it go. I lived each day not thinking about Him. Going to Teen Parents makes me want to be a better person. I am glad I accepted Jesus because of them.” -- Taylor

More kids like this can be impacted when we all play a part in reaching lost teens in Lincoln. You can choose to volunteer, give, or pray to support Youth for Christ's ministries in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Campus Life, Teen Parents, and Juvenile Justice are essential ministries to reach Lincoln's teens. 

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(As always, we try to use pseudonyms and alternate photos to protect the identities of our students.)

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