Locked Up 23 Hours a Day

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Shawn is a young man at the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility in Omaha.

He is on 23 and 1 lock down which means he spends 23 hours a day in his room. Shawn likes to rap, so Kyle, one of our JJM staff, asked Shawn to write something. The rap Shawn wrote was incredible. It had very profound spiritual statements in it and even included Scriptures. When Kyle asked Shawn where he heard that stuff, Shawn said that he’d never gone to church; he learned all that while being locked up! What a testimony to the purpose chaplains serve. 

I hope you understand what a blessing you are to Shawn. The only reason he hears the Scriptures is because you send guys like Kyle into the corrections facilities. Thank you so much for your partnership in the Gospel. We really are better together. God is good!

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