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Kyle, a student who’s in a Christian Heritage foster care home, joined us for high school camp.

We met him the day of the trip so it makes sense that he was really quiet and off by himself a lot at camp. He seemed to be trying to figure things out. I was sharing a lot throughout the week about praying for a brotherhood to form among the guys at camp. Eventually on “mess night” (i.e. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”), Kyle opened up to our cabin. He shared that he feels no one at his home cares. He needed the guys at camp, the brotherhood that was forming.

The next night, “response night” when students are asked to spend time alone with God, Kyle accepted Jesus into his life. During the time the students were alone with God, it rained really really hard and some of the cabins were flooded, including ours. All of Kyle’s clothes and such had been left out on the floor. Everything was soaked. Immediately all the guys in the cabin offered to loan their clothes to Kyle or whatever he needed. It was really cool to see their response; a “we take care of each other” mentality had formed. The last day of camp, we got up at the crack of dawn to hike Soldier Mountain. Seeing the view from the top, Kyle said, “This is how I know God is real.” It was breathtaking, the view from the mountain and the brotherhood that did form that week, centered on Christ. 


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