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Recently, I got a call from a young couple, Kelly and Dakota. She asked if I had time to talk because they really needed help. We met to talk and this is their story: 

Both Kelly and Dakota come from unbelieving families, and they recently became believers through attending meetings at a church youth group. They were being convicted about their relationship and wanted to stop the physical side of it, but they were already pregnant. When Kelly told her family about the baby, she was told to get an abortion because she is "too young and not married." Not sure what to do, Kelly asked her pastor, and he told her to "keep the baby and contact Parent Life." As we talked, both Kelly and Dakota expressed how happy they were to find a place like Parent Life, a place especially for young parents. 

This is why we do this. Their story is just one of many we encounter and it confirms the importance of what we are doing. When young parents find out that their whole life is about to change, fear and confusion are common place. What a blessing it is to be a part of God's mission to reach the lost and hurting moms and dads who need to know that there is hope for them and their children. 


Kyle Lindgren

Parent Life

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