Karaoke Opens a Door

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Karaoke. What fun, what vulnerability, what a safe place to sing among friends at Campus Life. And sing they did!

Shannon Buzynski, one of our newer YFC staff (though not new to youth ministry), is being used by God in very cool ways through her building times. Over Christmas break she had an 8th grade girls only hang out night. Two students and one volunteer, Brooklyn from Lincoln Christian School, came. Small numbers do not affect what God can do in one night. And small numbers can open large doors for students to ask questions they may be too shy to ask otherwise and gain a lot of ground in understanding and experiencing a relationship with Jesus. It was a beautiful shared experience together, lots of fun and laughter with games and karaoke. But also the girls shared some pain and heart break that with Shannon and Brooklyn. Shannon and Brooklyn heard them, prayed with them, spoke to them of God’s loving presence and sovereignty that rules over all things. The building time opened the door to sharing wonderful truths about Jesus, our hope, our rescuer.

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