Jason’s Birthday

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Jason started coming to club at Northeast last year as a freshman. He had never attended Campus Life in middle school, and we are not sure how he even heard about club that night, but Jason walked in to our first club of the year. At first Jason was a handful, in fact we were not sure how to handle him all year. Jason had a hard time relating to and interacting with people. He would react very angrily in most interactions with people. Even though Jason was a hard student to deal with, we stuck with him and loved him as best we could. 

As time passed one of our volunteer staff started to meet with Jason on a regular basis. By semester we saw Jason evolve into a completely different person. He did not feel threatened anymore at club and was free to let his guard down. He even went with us on our ski trip!

Jason’s Birthday
A few weeks after we got back from the trip our staff heard something disturbing from one of the volunteers. Jason had planned a get together with friends for his birthday and the only two people to show up were Campus Life staff. 
This volunteer realized that Jason’s actual birthday was on the next club night. So we decided to throw Jason a birthday party!! The word got out, cake and ice cream were purchased and some students bought gifts. We had streamers, Justin Beiber party plates, and a huge pile of presents. When Jason arrived we let out a big “SURPRISE”! Jason’s face turned red but he had the biggest smile on his face.
After the party Jason told the staff that took him home that this was the best birthday he has ever had because he got to spend it with his friends. Jason went from being an angry kid with no friends to a funny and outgoing kid with confidence. Most of all, he has a place where he feels connected and has a community of friends, and that changes everything for Jason.
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