James repents.

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James had come to Campus Life a few times, but had never been able to open up to us. For some reason, he wanted to come on the spring break trip to Texas, but James couldn’t afford the trip. We all worked hard to raise money so he could go. A few days before the trip, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to get off work but, the day before the trip, he told us he could go. After the drama of getting him on the trip, he didn’t say a whole lot while there. Yet, in his silence, we could tell that God was working in his heart. He loved the trip and when we got back he told us all thank you before he went home. We didn’t know what kind of changes God had made in him, but we soon found out. A few days later, he sent a text message to one of our staff asking for prayer because he was thinking about getting baptized. The week after Easter, James was baptized and we knew that God had truly made a change in his heart!

More kids like this can be impacted when we all play a part in reaching lost teens in Lincoln. You can choose to volunteer, give, or pray to support Youth for Christ's ministries in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Campus Life, Teen Parents, and Juvenile Justice are essential ministries to reach Lincoln's teens. 

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(As always, we try to use pseudonyms and alternate photos to protect the identities of our students.)

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